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The best truck driving simulators on PC

Truck driver games on PC enjoy some inexplicable popularity from the point of view of the average gamer. Many players are willing to spend weeks and months delivering goods between cities at the wheel of a huge truck. If you already belong to such, or are just going to try yourself in the role of a truck driver, then our top of the best simulators of this difficult, but romantic profession will help you choose the most interesting games. To know more, check out: virtual truck customization

In the first place in the list of the best trucker simulators is a project from the ubiquitous SCS Software. Euro Truck Simulator 2 is the quintessence of the genre, a game in which the authors have implemented all the experience gained in their past works.

Here all of Europe stretches out in front of gamers: more than 60 cities in Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Poland and other countries are ready to send and receive goods. Players have access to a large selection of cars from well-known manufacturers that can be customized and customized in every possible way. Here you can start your career as an ordinary truck driver , and end up as the manager of a huge transport company that delivers goods over thousands of kilometers.

And if that doesn't seem like enough, you can download custom scripts from the Steam Workshop and chat with other players in the World of Trucks online community, which is a kind of social network for truck fans.


A domestic series of trucker simulators, which is probably familiar to every gamer in the post-Soviet space. "Truckers" are several dozen licensed models of Russian and foreign cars, native birches and a soundtrack by "Aria". These are bribes to traffic police, chases with bandits and transportation of illegal goods (for which you can get more money). This is an opportunity to build your own transport empire and shift all delivery tasks to hired workers.

The first part of "Truckers" was released back in 1998, the third - in 2009. But most of all noteworthy is the second part of the 2001 series , which received popular recognition and became, without exaggeration, the first driving school for many gamers.


A game from SCS Software dedicated to American roads and American trucks - huge, roaring cars that rush along the highways at impressive speeds. Here, players will have to ride across sunny California, look at the Grand Canyon of Arizona and the sands of Nevada, enjoying the views of local nature and attractions.

Of course, the game has a large selection of trucks and trailers, with the ability to customize and customize them, and you can test cars in a variety of missions with difficult tasks. The business is not limited to the usual delivery of goods: you have to carefully park, drive in extreme conditions and even chase with the police.


18 Wheels of Steel (or "18 steel wheels") is a series of car simulators, which has about a dozen games that were released from 2002 to 2011. The studio SCS Software was again responsible for its development (as you noticed, the Czechs have found their niche and are not going to leave it, filling more than 50% of the truck simulator market with their products).

The games in the 18 Wheels of Steel series feature well-detailed locations, an impressive selection of fictional and licensed trucks, interesting missions, and thanks to the support of modifications, also a lot of user-generated content created over the years. Alas, in terms of graphics, the franchise can no longer stand up to competition, but such trifles are not important to a true trucker.