What is Safeguarding Extra ?

I'm Andrew Hall, a specialist Safeguarding Consultant and author of the Safeguarding Handbook. In this video I want to tell you about Safeguarding Extra.

Look behind the safeguarding headlines, explore the findings of safeguarding reports and research; and apply the learning to your everyday work in schools and the wider community. Safeguarding Extra is ideal if you're a DSL, a head teacher, or a safeguarding governor who likes to look beyond the obvious. Every week there are a myriad of different safeguarding stories in the media that we can learn from, test our thinking and wonder what would prevent that situation occurring in our own school.

There is more research into child protection and contextual safeguarding than ever before, but few people have the time to read, digest, and implement the findings. If you've loved the safeguarding briefing, then Safeguarding Extra will help you to look deeper into safeguarding than ever before. When asked, DSLs report that the aspects of their work that they struggle with most is time and keeping up to date. Safeguarding is the only professional work that I do and so I have the time to be able to read the reports and draw out the key learning. This is the work you would do, if you only had the time.

Safeguarding Extra is a twice monthly video drawing on the safeguarding news and published reports that will help you understand the world our students live in, and the challenges they face.

Subscribing to Safeguarding Extra will give you the confidence to know that you are not only saving time, but feel secure in the knowledge that the best learning has been distilled into an easily accessible, understandable format.

These comprehensive videos are aimed at heads, DSLs and safeguarding governors, but will become an amazing resource for leading CPD sessions when they're shared with colleagues. Safeguarding Extra is sent straight to your email inbox to easily listen while you're on the commute. Of course, you can also listen on your PC or other device.

Safeguarding Extra provides a really useful service and a great opportunity to find out all the learning that busy heads, DSLs, and safeguarding governors need. Safeguarding Extra is the detail behind keeping children safe in education and costs £12.97 per month.

You can sign up by clicking the link below.